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Posted By :    Brianna  (
Posted :    9/11/2014
Comments :    We adopted Wolfie (who is now Rossi) last November, and we couldn't be happier. He's a wonderful dog. He's well behaved and happy, and loves to herd the cats.
Posted By :    Rick Tschernjawski  (
Posted :    5/5/2014
Comments :    I have been bringing my pets to Dewitt Animal Hospital for the past 7 years. Couteous and friendly. Thoughtful and efficient. Professional expertise and honesty! Dr. Wilcox is in my opinion one of the best vets i have ever used . He truly has a love and compassion for animals . His staff from the front office personal to animal technicians are all top notch and deserve high praise . I would never dream about going anywhere else. If you truly care about your animals and want expertise care trust them to Dr. Wilcox and his staff at Dewitt Animal Hospital you will be glad you did
Posted By :    Dawne
Posted :    2/21/2013
Comments :    Dewitt Animal Hospital was recommended to me when I was looking for a new dog after my 15-year old dog had passed away. I stopped in on a whim one evening and found the dog of my dreams! That was 13 years ago and Pucci (lab/husky mix) is still with us and loving life every day! He had a major health scare in 2011 but Dr. Wilcox got right to the bottom of it and with surgery was able to bring Pucci back to good health. The staff at DAH is so friendly and always remember you and your pet and treat you kindness and compassion. I never hesitate to mention where I got Pucci and when the time comes, I will be adopting another forever friend.
Posted By :    James K.
Posted :    6/12/2011
Comments :    I have been bringing my pets to DAH for the past 30 years. I've also adopted from the DAH as well. I've always found the staff & service to be very good. Everyone seems to take a real genuine care with myself and my animals. I will certainly continue to use DAH for all my pets needs!
Posted By :    Tina L.
Posted :    6/12/2011
Comments :    The Dewitt Animal Hospital is a very friendly and welcoming place. The staff is very friendly and respectful. My pet feels safe and at-ease when he is there. My pet is usually uncomfortable when away, but he has become very comfortable with the staff. The Dewitt Animal Hospital always seems to have mine and my pet's best interest at mind.
Posted By :    Beverly P.
Posted :    6/12/2011
Comments :    I have always appreciated the excellent services and staff at this hospital. My animals have always had the best care possible. The staff have gone above and beyond what is expected. They always treated me and my family with professionalism, kindness and respect. The waiting room and treatment rooms are neat and clean. The grounds and parking area are well cared for.
Posted By :    Stephanie R.
Posted :    6/12/2011
Comments :    I have been bringing my pets to this office myself for over 15 years and previous pets of my parents. Although this office is not close to my home, I am happy with Dr. Wilcox and the services provided and hope in an emergency situation I can receive the help I may need.
Posted By :    Peggy G.
Posted :    7/15/2010
Comments :    When I think of DeWitt Animal Hospital I remember the fine care received there by many pets, all 13 poodles, standard and miniature. The staff is always pleasant, polite, and professional. They allow for special circumstances such as letting my dog Sambo enter through the hall door rather than the waiting room full of dogs. I always get my dog back clean, and the waiting room is immaculate and attractive with a fish tank, a rubber flea model over the reception desk, and a television with animal stories. When my dog hears the name Dr. Wilcox, he leaps with joy and will do anything! I feel very fortunate to have had such good experiences with such capable advice and care for my dogs.
Posted By :    Evelyn B. & Ann C.
Posted :    7/14/2010
Comments :    For over 35 years our pets - three cats and five dogs - have benefited from the fine health care provided by the veterinarians and staff at DeWitt Animal Hospital. We appreciate the fact that they are seen in a timely fashion and that the staff is very co-operative in providing needed treatment, referrals, medication, and health records. It is also gratifying to know that much effort goes into placing so many homeless animals in adoptive homes.
Posted By :    Barbara M.
Posted :    7/14/2010
Comments :    I have been going to DeWitt Animal Hospital for over 25 years, both for my dogs and my cats. The staff has always been compassionate and caring for my animals and my situations. I always recommend the DeWitt Animal Hospital to people I know who are looking for a veterinary hospital either because they are new to the area or because they are unsatisfied with their current vet.
Posted By :    Natalie M.
Posted :    7/5/2010
Comments :    I have been bringing my pets to DeWitt Animal Hospital since 1967. Not just because of the great medical care, but the entire staff. They are always knowledgeable and efficient, but most of all very kind. My pets love to visit Dr. Wilcox and everyone at DeWitt Animal Hospital!
Posted By :    Jackie T.
Posted :    6/7/2010
Comments :    Dr. Wilcox and the staff at DeWitt Animal Hospital are terrific! My sheltie Sadie has been plagued with multiple health problems all her life. More than once Dr. Wilcox has come to her rescue and I am very appreciative because I cannot imagine our lives without her! Thank you!
Posted By :    Deborah Y.
Posted :    6/7/2010
Comments :    Couteous and friendly. Thoughtful and efficient. Professional expertise and honesty! We have never doubted the professional care and kindness given to our dogs, nor to us by Dr. Wilcox and staff at DeWitt Animal Hospital! We are most grateful for the peace of mind, knowing we will always receive honest answers to our questions for the care and quality of life for our dogs. Thank you!
Posted By :    Sally Ann B.
Posted :    6/1/2010
Comments :    We have been bringing our Sunny cat to Dr. Wilcox for several years and he has seen him through infections and even surgery. We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate and trust out vet. When Dr. Wilcox says he will call us, he does so. We feel Sunny gets very good care. Everyone in the office is friendly and when we walk in the door we are always met with a smile and prompt attention. The office is clean and it really means a lot to bring our cat where our Dr. Wilcox and staff really care. Thank you!
Posted By :    Nancy B.
Posted :    6/1/2010
Comments :    DeWitt Animal Hospital is the best place in the city of Syracuse to take your pets! I only them to you!
Posted By :    Ralf B.
Posted :    5/25/2010
Comments :    I have used DeWitt Animal Hospital for 15 years. The service and staff have been outstanding! They have been with me through 3 dogs. I euthanized 2 of them and the staff were there for us. I have felt that my dogs were a part of the extended family. Keep up the great job! Dr. Wilcox rocks! Compassion and understanding are what I have gotten from DeWitt Animal Hospital.
Posted By :    Paul & Mary K.
Posted :    5/24/2010
Comments :    Dr. Wilcox and the staff at DeWitt Animal Hospital have been a wonderful service to our pets over the years. When Rufus (our dog) needed emergency surgery a few years ago, they were very caring, with excellent service and a fair price. More recently, our cat also needed a procedure, and we once again were very pleased. We have also used their boarding facilities and would highly recommend DeWitt Animal Hospital.
Posted By :    Doug & Dee S.
Posted :    5/24/2010
Comments :    We have been bringing our dogs to the DeWitt Animal Hospital for over 20 years. We are very pleased with the service - you remind us when our dogs are due for shots, you have been available for emergencies, and even sent a condolence card when we had to put a dog down. Everyone is friendly and genuinely seems to like animals. We plan to continue our visits to DeWitt Animal Hospital as long as we have dogs (forever)!
Posted By :    Beverly G.
Posted :    5/17/2010
Comments :    I have been a customer of the DeWitt Animal Hospital for approximately twenty-two years. My dog Berry (a Maltese) received nine years of exellent care from Dr. Quinn and Dr. Wilcox. I continue to be a customer at the DeWitt Animal Hospital with my dog Mandi (a Shihtzu) in very good health for her age (thirteen this summer) thanks to the excellent care and treatment she receives from Dr. Wilcox and staff. I have several veterinarians in my immediate area and have never considered going to anyone other than the DeWitt Animal Hospital. I have always received excellent medical care for my pets along with sincere compassion for the pet and it's owner. I continue to recommend Dr. Wilcox and staff at DeWitt Animal Hospital based on the excellent medical care my pets have received throughout these many years. Thank you for serving our community!
Posted By :    Joe M.
Posted :    5/17/2010
Comments :    On May 19, 2003 we adopted our dog, Cheyene from the DeWitt Animal Hospital. I knew that the staff there were they kind and helpful people I wanted taking care of my pets. Since then we have ad four more dogs and a cat, all cared for by them.
Posted By :    Sandra D.
Posted :    5/13/2010
Comments :    All of the staff at DeWitt Animal Hospital are nice, professional and caring. I feel my calls are returned promptly concerning my pets. I have always felt I could talk to Dr. Wilcox and that is one of the main reasons I returned to this practice.
Posted By :    Pete N.
Posted :    5/13/2010
Comments :    We have been clients of DeWitt Animal Hospital for over 40 years. We have adopted our last three dogs from there. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Wilcox has been wonderful to us and our dogs!
Posted By :    David & Patricia M.
Posted :    5/12/2010
Comments :    We have been bringing our Old English Sheepdogs to DeWitt Animal Hospital for many years. Dr. Wilcox and his staff have our complete trust!
Posted By :    Helen M.
Posted :    5/10/2010
Comments :    The staff at the DeWitt Animal Hospital are very kind and friendly. They remember me and my pets every time we come in and show a real interest in providing the best possible care for the animals.
Posted By :    Ann K.
Posted :    5/10/2010
Comments :    My dog Kody loves DeWitt Animal Hospital - he boards there often and we tell him he is going to "the spa." Dr. Wilcox and the staff are wonderful and I highly recommend them for both vet care and boarding!
Posted By :    Fred & Marilyn L.
Posted :    5/7/2010
Comments :    We have received excellent help and service from the DeWitt Animal Hospital. We were particularly impressed by Dr. Wilcox's concern and care in diagnosing and treating our two cats on several visits. The same qualities are shown by the other members of the staff, so the hospital meets or exceeds our expectations for quality of care for our pets.
Posted By :    Russell & Barbara F.
Posted :    5/6/2010
Comments :    The service at DeWitt Animal Hospital is professional, caring, and prompt. No appointments are required which is convenient and fees are fairly priced. The staff is friendly, caring, relaxed yet professional, knowledgeable & accessible, along with excellent at explaining diagnoses and therapies. We enjoy DeWitt Animal Hospital for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere!
Posted By :    Victor L.
Posted :    5/6/2010
Comments :    Dr. Wilcox and his staff consistently show compassion, professionalism, and follow up when caring for my two pet cats.
Posted By :    Irene R.
Posted :    4/27/2010
Comments :    I think the Dewitt Animal Hospital staff is the best and you couldn't ask for better! They are very special and they take good care of your animals and they are very good to you. I couldn't ask for a better veterinarian than Dr. Wilcox, he is the best. I have been going to Dewitt Animal Hospital for years so I know how they are.
Posted By :    Lorraine R.
Posted :    4/27/2010
Comments :    I have been coming to the Dewitt Animal Hospital for over six years, ever since I got my dog Zack. Dr. Wilcox has treated him for diabetes. I trust him explicitly and wouldn't trust anyone else with his care. The staff is very caring and treats the animals with love. God bless Dr. Wilcox and his wonderful staff
Posted By :    Shari F.
Posted :    4/15/2010
Comments :    Dewitt Animal Hospital has taken outstanding care of our precious pets for the last 21 years. After the loss of our beagle mix to cancer they helped us adopt our dog Rosie who is now 12 years old and the best dog in the world! :) Dr. Wilcox is reserved but he provides kind, compassionate and thorough care of Rosie as he has done with our other two dogs as well. As a team, Dewitt Animal Hospital staff delight when your dog is thriving and being enjoyed by their family and they also stand by your side when your pet is sick and or dying... I will never forget how sensitive and caring they were when our dog Bogie passed away. I trust Dr. Wilcox and his staff implicitly.
Posted By :    Diane D.
Posted :    4/12/2010
Comments :    I have been going to Dr. Wilcox for six years and not only has Dr. Wilcox been wonderful, but his staff has always been kind and compassionate. Not only have my dogs received great care but when I had to let my Shelby go their care of both my dog and I was kind and caring.
Posted By :    Nancy C.
Posted :    4/12/2010
Comments :    I have to say that Dr. Wilcox was always so kind to my Jacque, who has been gone a number of years now. When he was very sick, Dr. Wilcox took wonderful car of my dog and showed so much compassion. Dr. Wilcox is a very kind person!
Posted By :    Carolyn D.
Posted :    4/1/2010
Comments :    A year ago I brought a very ill stray black cat to be seen by Dr. Wilcox. He showed great concern for this kitty. I had not seen such compassion and dedication in my 30 years of rescuing animals and dealing with many veterinarians. She continued to improve under his care and was able to be adopted out after her recovery!
Posted By :    Elizabeth I.
Posted :    4/1/2010
Comments :    In the spring of 2009 we adopted the most wonderful dog, "Big Red" from Dewitt Animal Hospital. He settled into our home wonderfully and has even taken up his big, bumbling Sheepdog brother's hobby of cat-herding. He is a constant joy in our life and has shown himself to be not only dashing and polite but loyal, goofy and very smart as well! We are thankful to Dewitt Animal Hospital for letting us adopt our happy, fluffy new best friend. He's doing great here!
Posted By :    Kaylea N
Posted :    4/1/2010
Comments :    My husband and I were new to the area and a friend recommended we bring our dogs to the Dewitt Animal Hospital. Our friend has nothing but great things to say about Dr. Wilcox and the staff. We have now been clients for three years and I would never dream about going anywhere else. Dr. Wilcox is wonderful with our dogs and truly cares about their health and well-being. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and makes the whole experience a positive one. We could not be happier to be members of DAH - our dogs are like our children and we would not entrust them with any other vet.
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